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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity Work – Real Madrid Feature – Bridget Walsh

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity Work – Real Madrid Feature – Bridget Walsh

The Portuguese member of Real Madrid is known by fans around the world for his seemingly endless awards and recognitions. His talent is incomparable, and children dream of becoming the next “Cristiano Ronaldo.” His soccer skills are publicized and broadcasted for the whole world to see, but what about his accomplishments off the field and outside the soccer world?

Cristiano Ronaldo received his fourth Ballon d’Or in 2016.

He is a four-time Ballon d’Or and four-time Golden Boot winner in his time as a forward at Real Madrid. During this season, he has surpassed many records including all-time leading scorer in European Cup semi-finals and 400 goals with Real Madrid. In the Club’s most recent fixture against Atlético, he netted a hat trick and surpassed Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stéfano’s 11-goal total all time against Atlético. In this current season, he has appeared in 41 fixtures, scored 35 goals on 185 shots, had nine assists, and played 3,682 minutes. Real Madrid is currently preparing for the first leg of the Champions League semifinals against Atlético de Madrid. They are also tied in points for the top spot in La Liga with rival Barcelona.

Outside of his Club-related responsibilities, Ronaldo is very active by involving himself in charities and community relations. He is involved with and supports five charities, including Aid Still Required, Cahonas Scotland, Save the Children, UNICEF, and World Vision. He also supports 11 causes, such as abuse, adoption, fostering, orphans, AIDS & HIV, cancer, children, disaster relief, education, health, human rights, poverty, slavery, & human trafficking.

One of his most highlighted donations was in spring of 2014. “[He] received a request for a donation of football boots and a shirt to help raise $83,000 for a 10-month-old in need of an operation. Ronaldo not only donated the items, but also paid for the operation.” This not only showed the fans that he is a man who values helping others and putting the needs of others above his own, but it also showed that Ronaldo is a good teammate who is not afraid to accept the burdens of his teammates.

Another example of his active charity work was on March 16, 2017 when Ronaldo participated in an event sponsored by Save the Children as their “global artist ambassador,” a role he has held since 2013. One of the fun facts about Ronaldo is that he is constantly changing his hair style, so for his most recent makeover Ronaldo got advice from a Syrian Refugee teen named Omar. Omar participates in “barber training at Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.” Ronaldo posted a photo of himself to his Facebook page with a hashtag and tag for the Save the Children foundation. Omar suggested “fading,” which is a popular hairstyle among the boys in his barber training program, but ultimately he said, “whatever [Cristiano Ronaldo] likes,” as his vision for Ronaldo’s new style.

Ronaldo poses with Omar and Omar’s drawing after his recent makeover.

This most recent interaction comes just three months after Ronaldo’s most public community services. In early January 2017, “Cristiano Ronaldo sends message of hope to Syrian children.” He made an extremely generous donation to those he called the “true heroes” amidst the deteriorating Syrian crisis situation. “The donation will help Save the Children provide much-needed food, clothing, emergency medical care and psychological support to vulnerable children and families who have been living for years under siege and under constant bombardment.” Ronaldo shared this message through a video found on all of his social media accounts. He has been very active throughout this conflict in Syria by “help[ing] keep the focus on the children front and center.” He even shared the hashtag, #Syria, throughout his social media accounts to keep his followers engaged in the efforts.

In October 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo and Abbott, a pharmaceutical company, partnered together in an effort to raise awareness of donating blood. “Cristiano Ronaldo inspires young people to donate blood” is such an important cause because “each year 234 million major operations are performed worldwide, many involving blood transfusions or treatments resulting in a continuous need for donations.” It was through this campaign that Ronaldo became the “first global ambassador for the BE THE 1 movement.” He first began donating blood when he experienced, firsthand, a teammate’s son in desperate need of blood donations. Ever since this encounter, Ronaldo donates regularly. “‘We can all make a difference by donating blood. Each donation can benefit up to three people in emergency room situations and for long-term medical treatments,'” said Ronaldo.

Because of his attitudes and behaviors seen on the field, fans would not imagine that Cristiano Ronaldo would be so involved with charity and community service. He has an overwhelming sense of self-confidence that gives fans the perception that he is very dedicated to his sport and his family and does not have time for other activities.

Cristiano Ronaldo posing with children involved in the Save the Children organization during one of their many events.

However, Ronaldo is actively involved especially with the Save the Children organization. He posts through his social media accounts whenever he participates in an event, but it is not necessarily to promote himself. Ronaldo does an excellent job through these posts of making his followers aware of the different causes he supports and other ways that they can also help the cause.

By participating in several charities and causes, Cristiano Ronaldo is building positive media relations with his publics. These actions allow his publics to view him in a different light than they would have if they just knew him based on his performances on the field. It is also important for such a large name within the Real Madrid organization to be active within his community because it helps to shape his image and provide the publics with information that help them relate his values and beliefs with those of his Club.

Because of his “super self-confidence” and flashy personality, fans would normally expect to see Ronaldo’s charity work publicized through every media outlet possible. This is not the case, which helps to build the positive relationship with the Real Madrid public. The Club is known for their quest for excellence and their professionalism, so by not obnoxiously or extensively posting about the good deeds he is doing, Cristiano Ronaldo is aligning with the positive relationship his Club has with their publics.

As an athlete, it is often difficult to dedicate quality time to anything besides the sport during the season. Fans should expect to see more involvement from Cristiano Ronaldo upon conclusion of the 2016-2017 season. Whether his next charity or community service project is with Save the Children, UNICEF, or any of the other causes he is active in, fans can expect the Real Madrid forward to add his own personal touch to it, such as selfies to help kids or donating blood to save lives.

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After Ronaldo and Messi: What’s next?

After Ronaldo and Messi: What’s next?

After Ronaldo and Messi: What’s next?- A look at the El Clasico, the Champions League, and the dominant league in Europe after the departure of the two stars.

The stage is set. Your team is in a battle for the top of the table. In your way stands the other team with the same exact objective. On each side, a superb, once in a generation-type player is begging for the opportunity to be the hero and bring a miracle to their fans on a grand stage. This is the scene of this past weekend’s El Clasico. Real Madrid and Barcelona faced off with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on each side.

Now think, what does this rivalry look like without Ronaldo and Messi? This is a question that is being highly discussed at the moment by experts, analysts, and fans alike. It is also a situation that is going to be the reality sooner or later (probably sooner considering these players are 32 and 29 years old, respectively). Where do Real Madrid and Barcelona go next? How do you replace once in a generation type players?

The simple answer to that last question is: you don’t.

These players are considered “once in a generation” for a reason, you can not assume there will be another like them anytime soon. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have created a rivalry between the two of them that is not likely to be matched. Since 2008, no other player has won a Ballon d’Or or FIFA Player of the Year Award (although these awards were merged for six of the past nine years). Ronaldo first won the prestigious award in 2008, then Messi won for four consecutive years from 2009-2012. Ronaldo then took back the award from 2013-2014. Once again, Messi regained the title in 2015, and finally, the most recent Ballon d’Or went back to Ronaldo. There is rarely any conversation about a third candidate, but rather just which of these two, it will go to in any particular year.

imgres.jpg(Pictured: Ronaldo and Messi playing for Madrid and Barca)

     These awards are not given out lightly. Every single award was earned and achieved based on tangible accomplishments by these two, and for good reason. For example, in that same nine-year span in which they won all those Ballon d’Or’s, “both have averaged more than a goal per league game, and between them have won six out of nine Champions Leagues (including Ronaldo’s victory with Manchester United in 2008).” After the two of them, according to an ESPN article by Simon Kuper on a similar subject, the next-best players lag far behind. Kuper pointed out that if you “compare them with the next-best forwards of our time: Luis Suarez averaged over a goal a game in just one of his seven seasons in top-class leagues. Zlatan Ibrahimovic managed it once in 13.” This just proves, even more, the point that they are in a league of their own. Not even the next-best players can be compared to their elevated level of play.

Some experts argue that even without Ronaldo and Messi, Real Madrid and Barcelona would still be the two strongest teams in the Champions League. This may be true for the immediate future following the retirement of the two superstars. However, this dominance can not last forever. All things come to an end, just as Spain is dominant at the moment, there was a time when “Italian clubs, even Dutch clubs, dominated Europe.” Just as the Roman Empire fell, the empire of Spanish football dominance is likely to steadily decline after the departure of Messi and Ronaldo. This could have implications on the El Clasico rivalry.

In an interview discussing the probability to La Liga’s Champions League dominance coming to an end after the departure of Messi and Ronaldo, Stewart Robson commented on the fact that the Premier League is just not up to the level of the Spanish clubs. He stated that “at the moment you look at the Premier League and only Leicester got through to the quarterfinals; Manchester City weren’t good enough, Arsenal weren’t good enough, and Chelsea didn’t qualify last year.” He then went on to make the claim that even if Messi was hurt for most of the next season and Ronaldo retired, Madrid and Barcelona would still be the best in Europe. In the same interview Craig Burley pointed out that dominance is cyclical, and while the Spanish teams would obviously be slightly weakened without the likes of their stars, that Barcelona and Real Madrid “still have the clout to go out and buy their top players” and will continue to dominate at this point, since the Premier League is currently struggling.

However, the Kuper article that was mentioned before suggested that this continued trend of La Liga dominance and Premier League struggle will not last. Money is the largest factor contributing to a good club, and Real Madrid and Barcelona certainly have the money, but so do other teams. As can be seen in the following graphic, Manchester United lead the way with revenues of €689 million in 2015-16. These leading numbers came in a down year for the club on the field, where they “exited the lucrative Champions League after the group stage.” While “Barca and Madrid lead global soccer in commercial deals… once Messi, Ronaldo and Spain’s golden generation fade, these clubs will be less appealing to sponsors.” This should be worrying for the Spanish side since Premier League teams are already making strides to close the talent gap. Manchester United paid a “world-record fee of $116 million for Paul Pogba” in an attempt to prepare for the future where they could have the best active player in the world.

0406_socclassico_1296x1000.png(Pictured: Chart of revenues of the top 3 teams from 1996-2016)

     With all that being said, Real Madrid and Barcelona are still the best teams in Europe at the moment. Even in the future, if the Premier League takes over as the most dominant league in European football, the Spanish clubs will continue to have a presence. Even though the rivalry that is Messi versus Ronaldo will soon end, the El Clasico rivalry will continue. The two teams have met 266 times in history, and the rivalry has become much more than a game. With each team having historically successful teams, political oppositions of the cities, and incredibly identifiable players, this rivalry is one that has stood the test of time and will continue to be one of the most engaging rivalries in international soccer. In the latest installment on April 23, “an early estimation for the global audience tuning into to Sunday’s game was 650 million who tuned into the Bernabeu action in more than 185 countries.” With numbers like these, it is hard to expect a drastic decline because of one or two players departing, even if they are the best in the world. These clubs each have a fierce fan base, with a growing following in countries, such as the United States, that are new to the international football scene. If these clubs can continue to grow their following while they are in this “prime” era, they will no doubt continue to have an enormous, dedicated fan base that will continue to grow and support each of these clubs.



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Real Madrid Release (April 12th-April 15th)- Bridget Walsh

Real Madrid Release (April 12th-April 15th)- Bridget Walsh

Game Summaries:

Wednesday April 12: Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid at Allianz Arena in First Leg of the Champions League Quarter Final

Madrid  come from behind to take first step towards the semifinals

Cristiano Ronaldo netted both goals in the second half to secure the victory. Madrid fell behind in the 25th minute on a header from Munich’s Arturo Vidal assisted by Thiago. Besides this highlight for Munich, Madrid dominated the remainder of the match, efficiently executing their game plan.

The tie between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will be determined on Tuesday April 18th.

Saturday April 15: Sporting vs. Real Madrid at El Molinón in La Liga

An Isco brace sees Real Madrid maintain top spot

With key players benched for the match, midfielder Isco stepped up and delivered two goals, the second coming in the 90th minute, to help lead Real Madrid in La Liga competition. The Whites played from behind the whole match, but they were able to respond to each of Sporting’s goals with Isco’s two goals and Morata’s lone goal.

Madrid earned three more points to add to their lead atop La Liga, and they put six games between the competition with the victory.

Player News:

Cristiano Ronaldo, selected as the Champions League player of the week

Ronaldo was key in the Whites’ victory over Bayern Munich in the First Leg of the Champions League Quarterfinals match. He scored twice, including the 100th of his career in European competition.

Danilo makes 50th competitive appearance for Real Madrid

Danilo appeared in his 50th competition as a White against Sporting on Saturday. His first appearance for Madrid came when they faced Sporting on 23 August 2015 in a 0-0 draw. This milestone is coming in just Danilo’s second year on the first team.

Kovacic, who is also in his second season with the club, earned his 50th career win against Sporting on Saturday. He has appeared in 66 matches and has scored three goals in his career as a White.

Other Relevant Team Related News:

Real Madrid to get police escort to Allianz Arena as extra security added

After the bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund’s team bus, German police put extra security measures in place on Real Madrid’s trip from their hotel to the arena prior to their fixture in the Champions League Quarterfinal with Bayern Munich. The UEFA released a statement stating that there would be additional efforts at all three of Wednesday’s Champions League games.

Real Madrid to play 2017 All-Star Game against the Stars of the MLS

As the current Champions League champions, Real Madrid will face the Major League All-Star players in the 2017 All-Star Game on August 2 in Chicago, Illinois. This is the first appearance for La Liga in an All-Star game.

Upcoming Matches:

Tuesday April 18: Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich at the Santiago Bernabéu in Second Leg of Champions League Quarterfinal

Sunday April 23: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabéu in La Liga

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