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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity Work – Real Madrid Feature – Bridget Walsh

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Charity Work – Real Madrid Feature – Bridget Walsh

The Portuguese member of Real Madrid is known by fans around the world for his seemingly endless awards and recognitions. His talent is incomparable, and children dream of becoming the next “Cristiano Ronaldo.” His soccer skills are publicized and broadcasted for the whole world to see, but what about his accomplishments off the field and outside the soccer world?

Cristiano Ronaldo received his fourth Ballon d’Or in 2016.

He is a four-time Ballon d’Or and four-time Golden Boot winner in his time as a forward at Real Madrid. During this season, he has surpassed many records including all-time leading scorer in European Cup semi-finals and 400 goals with Real Madrid. In the Club’s most recent fixture against Atlético, he netted a hat trick and surpassed Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stéfano’s 11-goal total all time against Atlético. In this current season, he has appeared in 41 fixtures, scored 35 goals on 185 shots, had nine assists, and played 3,682 minutes. Real Madrid is currently preparing for the first leg of the Champions League semifinals against Atlético de Madrid. They are also tied in points for the top spot in La Liga with rival Barcelona.

Outside of his Club-related responsibilities, Ronaldo is very active by involving himself in charities and community relations. He is involved with and supports five charities, including Aid Still Required, Cahonas Scotland, Save the Children, UNICEF, and World Vision. He also supports 11 causes, such as abuse, adoption, fostering, orphans, AIDS & HIV, cancer, children, disaster relief, education, health, human rights, poverty, slavery, & human trafficking.

One of his most highlighted donations was in spring of 2014. “[He] received a request for a donation of football boots and a shirt to help raise $83,000 for a 10-month-old in need of an operation. Ronaldo not only donated the items, but also paid for the operation.” This not only showed the fans that he is a man who values helping others and putting the needs of others above his own, but it also showed that Ronaldo is a good teammate who is not afraid to accept the burdens of his teammates.

Another example of his active charity work was on March 16, 2017 when Ronaldo participated in an event sponsored by Save the Children as their “global artist ambassador,” a role he has held since 2013. One of the fun facts about Ronaldo is that he is constantly changing his hair style, so for his most recent makeover Ronaldo got advice from a Syrian Refugee teen named Omar. Omar participates in “barber training at Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.” Ronaldo posted a photo of himself to his Facebook page with a hashtag and tag for the Save the Children foundation. Omar suggested “fading,” which is a popular hairstyle among the boys in his barber training program, but ultimately he said, “whatever [Cristiano Ronaldo] likes,” as his vision for Ronaldo’s new style.

Ronaldo poses with Omar and Omar’s drawing after his recent makeover.

This most recent interaction comes just three months after Ronaldo’s most public community services. In early January 2017, “Cristiano Ronaldo sends message of hope to Syrian children.” He made an extremely generous donation to those he called the “true heroes” amidst the deteriorating Syrian crisis situation. “The donation will help Save the Children provide much-needed food, clothing, emergency medical care and psychological support to vulnerable children and families who have been living for years under siege and under constant bombardment.” Ronaldo shared this message through a video found on all of his social media accounts. He has been very active throughout this conflict in Syria by “help[ing] keep the focus on the children front and center.” He even shared the hashtag, #Syria, throughout his social media accounts to keep his followers engaged in the efforts.

In October 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo and Abbott, a pharmaceutical company, partnered together in an effort to raise awareness of donating blood. “Cristiano Ronaldo inspires young people to donate blood” is such an important cause because “each year 234 million major operations are performed worldwide, many involving blood transfusions or treatments resulting in a continuous need for donations.” It was through this campaign that Ronaldo became the “first global ambassador for the BE THE 1 movement.” He first began donating blood when he experienced, firsthand, a teammate’s son in desperate need of blood donations. Ever since this encounter, Ronaldo donates regularly. “‘We can all make a difference by donating blood. Each donation can benefit up to three people in emergency room situations and for long-term medical treatments,'” said Ronaldo.

Because of his attitudes and behaviors seen on the field, fans would not imagine that Cristiano Ronaldo would be so involved with charity and community service. He has an overwhelming sense of self-confidence that gives fans the perception that he is very dedicated to his sport and his family and does not have time for other activities.

Cristiano Ronaldo posing with children involved in the Save the Children organization during one of their many events.

However, Ronaldo is actively involved especially with the Save the Children organization. He posts through his social media accounts whenever he participates in an event, but it is not necessarily to promote himself. Ronaldo does an excellent job through these posts of making his followers aware of the different causes he supports and other ways that they can also help the cause.

By participating in several charities and causes, Cristiano Ronaldo is building positive media relations with his publics. These actions allow his publics to view him in a different light than they would have if they just knew him based on his performances on the field. It is also important for such a large name within the Real Madrid organization to be active within his community because it helps to shape his image and provide the publics with information that help them relate his values and beliefs with those of his Club.

Because of his “super self-confidence” and flashy personality, fans would normally expect to see Ronaldo’s charity work publicized through every media outlet possible. This is not the case, which helps to build the positive relationship with the Real Madrid public. The Club is known for their quest for excellence and their professionalism, so by not obnoxiously or extensively posting about the good deeds he is doing, Cristiano Ronaldo is aligning with the positive relationship his Club has with their publics.

As an athlete, it is often difficult to dedicate quality time to anything besides the sport during the season. Fans should expect to see more involvement from Cristiano Ronaldo upon conclusion of the 2016-2017 season. Whether his next charity or community service project is with Save the Children, UNICEF, or any of the other causes he is active in, fans can expect the Real Madrid forward to add his own personal touch to it, such as selfies to help kids or donating blood to save lives.

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Tottenham Hotspur Release 2 (April 29- May 5) – Alex Manzo

Game Summery

During the week of April 29th – May 5th, Tottenham Hotspurs only had to worry about one match. This match wasn’t an ordinary match; this match was against the 6st place team, North London rivals Arsenal F.C.  Each team needs to ear 3 points in order to overcome… (I don’t know about the info in these leagues just change the beginning of this sentence to what I have in red and add the end of what you have).  Earning 3 points is vital for both sides because Spurs are still trying to overcome league leaders Chelsea F.C. and Arsenal are currently fighting for next year’s Champions League spot. For Arsenal, 3 points against Tottenham is a big ask considering the great form Spurs have been in at home this campaign. So far this season, Tottenham have won 12 consecutive games at White Hart Lane and that number continues to rise as Spurs have one more home match left this season. Although 3 points for both sides is important, this notorious rivalry between these two clubs means a lot more to the fans and the players. This match is about bragging rights, it’s about glory, it’s about solidifying yourself as the best football club in North London, and both clubs plan on coming out on top.

The match began with Tottenham playing more compact defensively and looking to counter when winning possession. Arsenal started off the match looking to get 3 points with a wide spread attacking approach. As the first half continued, Tottenham started to get more comfortable with the ball and started creating chances towards Arsenal’s goal. The Tottenham players started to exploit the gaps left in Arsenal’s midfield after winning the ball. As the game started opening up, it wasn’t long until the match had its first goal scoring opportunity. Tottenham’s main goal scoring chance came in the 26th minute when Spur’s left winger Son, easily beat Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade Chamberlain deep down the left-side of the pitch before cutting inside and unleashing a shot. Son’s shot deflected off the fully extended foot of Arsenal’s center back Laurent Koscienly and over to Eriksen, who volleyed the ball first time over the Arsenal’s goal. As the first half continued, both teams have had their fair share of possession but no team have been able to break the deadlock. The last moment of magic occurred in the 38th minute when Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, found space in Tottenham’s midfield through intricate attacking play and released a shot 25-yards out, but Spur’s goalie Hugo Lloris is there to tip it around the post. The first half ended 0-0 between the two North London rivals.

The second half began with high pressure attacking from both Arsenal and Tottenham. It didn’t take long for Tottenham to capitalize on their 2nd half chances. In the 55th minute, Alli who was on the attack for Tottenham, twisted and turned inside the Arsenal’s 18-yard box before setting up teammate Erikson for a shot. Erikson’s shot is well saved by Cech but bounced out to Alli who continued his run in the box and shot the follow-up into the back of the net. Not soon after Alli’s goal did referee Michael Oliver award a penalty for Tottenham when Arsenal defender Gabriel stuck a foot out in the box and tripped striker Harry Kane. In the 58th minute, Harry Kane stepped up to the penalty spot and coolly slotted the ball past Cech giving the Tottenham a 2-0 lead. As the game continued, it was all Tottenham. The spurs found themselves controlling most of the possession as well as the tempo of the game leaving Arsenal with nearly nothing. 2016-01-13_spo_16018711_I1

The final scored ended with Tottenham beating Arsenal 2-0 at White Hart Lane. This match for Tottenham as club, player, and fan is considered one of their most important victories this season because since Tottenham will be playing at Wembley Stadium next year in the wait for their new stadium, that was the last North London Derby at White Hart Lane. Not only did Tottenham win the last North London Derby at White Hart Lane, this was the first time in 22 years.

Mauricio Pochettino Post Match Talk

Pochettino was delighted to award fans with an “emotional” 2-0 win over Arsenal in the battle of North London. During the interview Pochettino expressed great joy for the players as well as fans stating, “It was a fantastic afternoon, I’m very happy for the players and the fans. To win against Arsenal in the last derby day at White Hart Lane, it was emotional for everyone.” Pochettino then thanked the supporters for all they do at the club by stating, “We tried to pay back the supporters back for the energy they gave us. But the most important thing was to keep the gap with Chelsea.” He then continued on and said, “We have to keep focusing on our game and now we can say that we are more mature than last season. Today was another chance to learn and improve.” Mauricio Pochettino’s men did exactly what he asked for in the game against Arsenal. They stayed compact defensively and quickly countered Arsenal’s shaky defense.

Tottenham Hotspur Disability Centre of Excellence

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is celebrating a decade of creating opportunities that changes lives in the North London community. The Tottenham Hotspur Disabilities Centre of Excellence is funded through the club and partnership with Barnet and Southgate College. The center provides specialist education facilities dedicated to the specific needs of students with complex learning and physical disabilities. The staff provides education, sport sessions, bespoke, and enterprise programs to numerous organizations and schools around North London. The weekly sessions with the specialist make a huge difference in these young men and women lives as they struggle every day with disabilities. jan_mousa_dis730





Tottenham’s New Stadium Feature – Ryan O’Neill


Tottenham Hotspur F.C. are building a new stadium to replace their current stadium, White Hart Lane. The new stadium will be ready for the start of the 2018-19 season. The new stadium will be able to hold a larger capacity than what White Hart Lane currently holds. At the end of the 2016-17 season they will move out of White Hart Lane and play the 2017-18 season at Wembley stadium.

Tottenham are building a new stadium to increase capacity, increase revenue and help the team become more financially stable. Their new stadium will hold 61,000 spectators while their current stadium only holds 32,000 spectators. “The new ground will become the third largest capacity stadium in the country, ahead of Arsenal but behind Old Trafford and Wembley.” The increase in revenue means more money that the club can use to purchase other players in order to reach their ultimate goal of Premier League Champions.

The stadium will include the best features of White Hart Lane like the close seating to provide a better atmosphere. Also, the new seating area will also include a 17,000 seat single tier on the south side of the stadium. This will become the largest single stand in the United Kingdom. This area will be compared to other single tiers like the Kop at Anfield or the Yellow Wall at the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund. This area will provide a great atmosphere for not only the fans, but the players as well.

Fans will also be able to see into the tunnel as the players walk through before, during, and after matches. The glass separating the players from the fans will be one-way which means the fans can see the players, but the players cannot see the fans. The most expensive part of the new stadium is called the H club which will include a world class dining option. The stadium will also include a micro-brewery which will be the first ever in a stadium.

There will also be something called “The Tottenham Experience” which is a new visitors center. This will be a three story walkway along the High Road which will act as a gateway to the new stadium. This area will consist of old and new architecture and “bringing back into use the Grade II listed Warmington House and the frontage of the Tottenham & Edmonton Dispensary.” This area will also include a museum of the club’s history that will also be partly interactive, motion-sensor booths that allow fans to test their skills against past and present players, and other areas enhancing the fans experience at the new stadium.

A great part of the stadium for Tottenham fans is that it will be another time that the Spurs are better than their North London rival Arsenal. Their new stadium will be bigger than Emirates stadium as Emirates only holds 60,432. The small amount may not seem like much, but the 568 extra screaming fans in a stadium will make a huge difference for crowd noise. Any Spurs fan would want to prove their superiority over Arsenal, and clinching the first time in 22 years that Tottenham will finish above Arsenal.

With Tottenham’s new stadium they will also be able to hold National Football League (NFL) games. American football has been played in London since 2007. In 2015, Tottenham signed a deal with the NFL for ten years to play in their new stadium. There will be a minimum of two games every year held at Tottenham’s new stadium. “We have an opportunity now to deliver one of the most unique sporting and entertainment venues in the world, bringing together the EPL and NFL for the first time,” said Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur. The NFL will bring exposure to the new stadium to a new group of fans.


The stadium consists of a retractable pitch that allows the NFL games to be played on the synthetic type of field that is required by the league, and allowing a perfect soccer pitch for the Spurs to play. The NFL and Tottenham have discussed the idea of having an NFL game and a Premier League game as a double header. Being able to watch two of the largest leagues in the world play at the same place would be an event that would draw so many fans from around the world to come witness it.

The new stadium will attract more high valued players from around the world. The atmosphere that is already associated with White Hart Lane is expected to carry over with much more spectators. That will allow for a clear home advantage that Tottenham will like to exploit. The players will not want to leave this atmosphere. Tottenham is already competing for the Premier League title this season, and being able to not only keep their current stars but attract more world class players is a great way to keep filling the seats of a brand new stadium.

The estimated cost of the stadium is around £800 million. This is much higher than how much the club though it would cost originally. The original estimates had the stadium costing around £400 million. Tottenham have already spent £100 million in construction costs. “The remaining £650m will be covered through a number of sources including debt, stadium naming rights and advance hospitality ticket sales.” The increased capacity for seating and revenue will also help in paying off the debt that is accrued with the stadium costs. The NFL have paid £10 million towards the stadium and will also pay an additional fee to the club when they use the stadium.

The cost of the stadium has risen recently from an estimated £750 million to £800 million. Tottenham club director Donna Cullen said “Brexit has added a straight 20 per cent on costs for foreign goods due to the exchange rate.” The original estimates of £400 million were taken quite some time ago, therefore the additions of the new costs added on and the retractable pitch caused the costs to rise. While it will cost more the new ideas will have a greater impact on the revenue for the club moving forward.

As of right now the stadium does not have a name for it. It is officially labeled the Northumberland Development Project. However, the fans have just stuck to calling it the New White Hart Lane. The money from naming rights of this stadium will be put towards the cost of the stadium. Securing this deal is important to the club due to the fact that it will take a good chunk of the how much is owed for the construction.

To watch the stadium being built through a live feed head over to Tottenham’s website. The club has set camera’s up to watch the outside be built from High Road, the Northeast Corner from inside, the North Stand from inside, the Tottenham Experience from White Hart Lane’s West Stand, and the New Stadium Bowl from the North East Corner. A person can explore all of the different new areas that will be introduced into the new stadium. A person can fill out a form that they are interested in purchasing tickets for the new premium suites, premium lounges, or premium seats.


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Real Madrid Release May 1-May 4 – Carly Benjamin 

Real Madrid Release May 1-May 4 – Carly Benjamin 

Recent Match Update

On May 2, 2017, Real Madrid played Atletico Madrid at the Bernabéu. This match was the first leg of the Semi-final Champions League play. Despite a recent scoring drought for Cristiano Ronaldo, he scored a hat-trick in this match making it his 42nd career hat-trick. The final score of this match was 3-0 Real Madrid.

Player News

There are rumors regarding the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Chinese Super League. Although he did sign a new four year contract with Real Madrid this transfer would occur after this contract expires. As stated on, “Specifically, it’s said Perez wants to organise a deal with a club from the Chinese Super League so that he might make Ronaldo’s sale the “best transfer operation in the history of the club”. This could be a profitable possibility for Real Madrid’s future.

There is speculation to whether Ronaldo scored his 400th career goal during the match against Atletico Madrid last Tuesday. Although Real Madrid posted on their official website and social media that Ronaldo scored his 400th career goal the statistics show that he has scored 399 at the conclusion of the match. Even so, Ronaldo has time to score at least one more with the remainder of the season that is left.

Team News

Real Madrid has earned the honor of being the top scorers in the Champions League averaging 3 goals per game. The other two semi-finalist are Monaco with 21 goals and Juventus with 17.

Next Matches

May 6 at 2:45 p.m. Eastern US time -La Liga

Real Madrid v Granada

May 10 at 2:45 p.m. Eastern US time -Champions League- Semi Final (second leg)

Real Madrid v Atlético de Madrid


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Manchester United Release- Tim Hofmeister

Manchester United sits one point out of the Champions League, however, they are already making move to improve their team for 2017-2018. With Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney most likely on the move United is in desperate need of offense.

United has reportedly been interested and according to United already has a deal in place with Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid for 72.8 million pounds. If early reports are true this would be a huge move and would be a great player to combine with a rising star like Marcus Rashford. Griezmann has played 49 games for Atletico Madrid and scored 25 goals.

The Sun claims that “Atletico Madrid forward has accepted United’s offer of a five-year deal worth £280,000 a week. United have indicated that they will meet Griezmann’s £89 million release clause, which will take the total cost of the transfer, including fee, wages and bonuses, up to £170 million.”

It now seems inevitable that Captain Wayne Rooney and one the candidates for PFA Player of the Year, Ibrahimovic. Adding a forward was a top priority for United but a defensemen is equally as important.

United are reportedly it talks with the Tottenham HotSpurs about defensemen Kyle Walker. According the the “Spurs hold all the cards with Walker committed to the club for another four years and suitors will have to pay in excess of £40 million for the 27-year-old.”

Although Walker and Griezmann seem the most likely to land in Old Trafford, Mourinho want too add more. His summer wish list also includes Real Madrid star Toni Kroos and Monaco’s Fabinho. According to transfer Kross is projected to cost around 60 million and Fabinho is around 20 million. It will be unlikely to add all four players but United needs to prioritize defense and forwards as it stands.

United’s next game is against Celta Vigo in the Europa League Semifinal today at 3:05pm Eastern time. For Mourinho it is a huge because he his striving for the Europa title. When asked about it he said:            “I know it is the only competition that Manchester United as a club have never won and it would be great to close the circle and say ‘we are a club that won every single competition in the football world’.”


Top 5 Moves to Watch for Manchester United this Summer-Louis Schaefer

Top 5 Moves to Watch for Manchester United this Summer-Louis Schaefer

Manchester United is the equivalent of the New York Yankees when it comes to being able to bring in any player they want.  Money is no object and Manchester United is always tied to the biggest names in soccer and the potential for them to come and play in Old Trafford.  In this article we will cover some of the top names that could be making their way to Manchester with eyes on playing for Jose Mourinho as well as players that could be heading elsewhere.

1.Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been one of the more pleasant surprises in the recent history of Manchester United.  After coming over to the club as a free agent last summer from Paris Saint-Germain, Ibrahimovic scored twenty eight goals this season for Manchester United before suffering a season ending knee injury on April 20th in a match against Anderlecht.  With that said, Ibrahimovic still has eyes, even at thirty five years old, of playing soccer again next season.  The question that will linger over him will be, where?  His contract that he signed over the summer expires after this season and while the club has opened the door for Zlatan to rehabilitate his knee injury in Manchester, it is zlatanbelieved that Ibrahimovic has eyes on coming to America to play in Major League Soccer.  Since not having a marquee player since Steven Gerrard’s departure after the 2016
season, it is believed that the Los Angeles Galaxy could make a run for Ibrahimovic’s striking ability.  It is hard to believe that this would not be a fit as the MLS is still in need of star power despite having teams pull in David Villa, Kaka, and Nicolás Lodeiro in recent years and Ibrahimovic, along with his personality, would certainly provide that.  This is then paired with the reports that the Galaxy are ready to make Ibrahimovic the MLS’ highest paid player along with Jose Mourinho’s reluctance to “beg” for players to return and it seems as though the writing is on the wall for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to leave Manchester United and head to Los Angeles to play for the Galaxy.

2. David De Gea

Yet again we have another player that will have his name tied to potentially leaving Manchester United this summer.  De Gea, who is widely considered to be one of, if not the best goalkeeper in world soccer, has had his name in talks with Real Madrid about a potential transfer.  The move would allow for De Gea, who is from Madrid, to return home and continue his career, similar to what LeBron James did in the NBA returning to Cleveland.  De Gea even spent two years with de geaAtlético Madrid before coming to Manchester United in 2011.  This move would be not just De Gea coming home, but also moving to the significantly better club, as he will be teammates with Cristiano Ronaldo.  However, it seems as though this move be on the back burner for a while for Real Madrid.  After an initial message from De Gea to a former teammate that is still with Atlético Madrid that stated they would beat Real Madrid, it rubbed the club the wrong way.  That is coupled with the reports that surfaced on May 2nd that stated that Jose Mourinho would take time to discuss De Gea’s future with Manchester United with him after the season’s conclusion.  It was also reported that at the moment, Manchester United has absolutely no intention of moving on from De Gea.  Regardless, this should be an interesting storyline to follow over the summer as Mourinho and Manchester United try to figure out the future and whether that future will include David De Gea.


Here is the type of blockbuster move that a club like Manchester United is capable of.  A player the caliber of Neymar is not just a replacement if Zlatan Ibrahimovic potentially departs the club, he is a massive upgrade.  Neymar is the type of signing that can put Manchester United back at the top of the table with a club like Chelsea.  Obviously, Neymar would come at a hefty price, there have been reports that link Manchester United to a potential £173 Million price tag for United to acquire the Brazilian forward Barcelona.  Additionally, club manager Jose Mourinho has stated that the report was “absurd” and that he would not burden Manchester United with a financial task such as that.  In lieu of not “wanting” Neymar, Jose Mourinho has been linked to Antoine NeymarGriezmann of Atlético Madrid as the top priority for Manchester United this summer at forward.  However, if writing about sports has taught me anything, it is when to be able to smell a smokescreen from a team, and this seems just like it.  For example, in 2009 the New York Yankees were linked to bringing Derek Lowe to New York before ultimately signing C.C. Sabathia.  This move for United seems just like that.  Jose Mourniho is going to put out smoke screens to make it seem like they have no interest in bring Neymar to Old Trafford, but the teams will discuss it and, once the pieces begin to fall in place, Neymar could get closer and closer to coming to Manchester United.  Regardless, like the other two player above, this will certainly be the most interesting storyline to follow this summer in terms of a player coming in to play for Manchester United instead of trying to leave.

4.Kasper Schmeichel

This move is a clear counter move to the rumors that are swirling around David De Gea.  The Leicester City goalkeeper has been linked to both Manchester United and Manchester City in the time leading up to the transfer window, with the latest reports saying that United has jumped ahead of City in the race for Schmeichel’s services.  schmeichelUltimately, however, Manchester United does not have a need for Schmeichel is De Gea returns to the club next season.  If he doesn’t however, it is always good to have a back up plan when you have as many financial assets as Manchester United possesses.  This should be an interesting acquisition storyline to follow just because if he is acquired, it is clear that it means De Gea will be heading home to Real Madrid as mentioned previously.

5.Wayne Rooney

These transfer rumors are something that fans of Manchester United are very reluctant to talk about.  The potential for the captain of the club and the all time leading goal scorer playing somewhere else is a haunting vision for fans of United.  The fact of the matter is that Rooney’s age is beginning to show in his game.  He has lost a step, as all older players will, and it may be time for Manchester United to look to get something forrooney him.  Earlier in the season, there were rumors that Manchester United was working on a transfer to send Rooney to the Chinese Super League before the wheels ultimately fell off of the deal.  Now, very recently Wayne Rooney has been tied to a transfer that would send him back to where it all started for him, Everton.  The fact of the matter is that Manchester United is starting to plan for life without Wayne Rooney, and it is very possible that this could occur this summer.  It is not something that fans of Manchester United or Jose Mourinho for that matter want to hear, but the fact of the matter is that Manchester United is primed to make major strides towards the top of the Premier League table next season with names such as Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba returning.  Couple that with potentially having David De Gea return and Neymar joining the club, there is just no place for the captain to play, and it is certainly time for Manchester United to begin shopping Rooney elsewhere.

Manchester City Weekly Release – Cody Rinkus

Manchester City Weekly Release – Cody Rinkus

Game Summaries

During this past week Manchester City hit the pitch twice, the first of which was the Manchester Derby against rival Manchester United. The first three-quarters of the match were rather uneventful but things would heat up quickly as the match approached full time. Tempers began to flair as United’s Marouane Fellani would receive a red card for head-butting City’s Sergio Aguero. Fellani was just booked for a foul on Aguero when he would take him down once again. Aguero pleaded for a call but none would come until Fellani head-butted Aguero. That reaction alone was enough for the referee to issue the red card.

Throughout the match, City had the best chances of putting home a deciding goal. Their first quality opportunity came early when Aguero fired a shot that hit off of the post. Later on in stoppage time, Gabriel Jesus thought he had just put home the deciding goal but it would be called back due to an offside.

The first half as a whole appeared to be a frustrating one for each side as they came up short on numerous opportunities to take the lead.

The second match of the week was played against Middlesbrough F.C. City started off hot getting a quick bid for goal that would be denied by a wide shot. City would continue to dominate the early game while Middlesbrough fought their way back into the match.

As time passed the clubs began to play a relatively evenly matched game through the first half. They would continue to take opportunities back and forth for some time. Goals from Alvero Negredo and Sergio Aguero had the match even at 1-1 entering the late phases. As the match wore on City was able to really put their dominance on display. In fact, their dominance would force Middlesbrough to take on four yellow cards, and one in particular which would lead to Aguero’s tying goal.

In the 77th minute Calum Chambers gave Middlesbrough F.C. a late lead that could have pulled the struggling club from the dangers of relegation. Then in the 85th minute Gabriel Jesus made his return to the starting lineup a memorable one as he was able to head in a cross from Aguero. The goal would serve as the second time in the match that City had to erase a one goal deficit.

Player News

Gabriel Jesus made his return to the starting lineup in City’s draw against Middlesbrough. He was able to tally the late marker which tied the game. He also played as a substitute in the Manchester Derby against United. He came close to tallying the lone goal in that match, but it was taken back for an offside call. The forward has missed the past 10 weeks of action as he has been nursing a foot injury.

Team News

City boss Pep Guardiola was voted the world’s best coach this week. The vote was run by a panel of 33 journalists. The club has dominated play this season and has a significant chance to become the first team to average more than 60% possession throughout 38 games. Despite the underachievement this year, there is still plenty of faith in Pep.


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