Tottenham’s New Stadium Feature – Ryan O’Neill


Tottenham Hotspur F.C. are building a new stadium to replace their current stadium, White Hart Lane. The new stadium will be ready for the start of the 2018-19 season. The new stadium will be able to hold a larger capacity than what White Hart Lane currently holds. At the end of the 2016-17 season they will move out of White Hart Lane and play the 2017-18 season at Wembley stadium.

Tottenham are building a new stadium to increase capacity, increase revenue and help the team become more financially stable. Their new stadium will hold 61,000 spectators while their current stadium only holds 32,000 spectators. “The new ground will become the third largest capacity stadium in the country, ahead of Arsenal but behind Old Trafford and Wembley.” The increase in revenue means more money that the club can use to purchase other players in order to reach their ultimate goal of Premier League Champions.

The stadium will include the best features of White Hart Lane like the close seating to provide a better atmosphere. Also, the new seating area will also include a 17,000 seat single tier on the south side of the stadium. This will become the largest single stand in the United Kingdom. This area will be compared to other single tiers like the Kop at Anfield or the Yellow Wall at the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund. This area will provide a great atmosphere for not only the fans, but the players as well.

Fans will also be able to see into the tunnel as the players walk through before, during, and after matches. The glass separating the players from the fans will be one-way which means the fans can see the players, but the players cannot see the fans. The most expensive part of the new stadium is called the H club which will include a world class dining option. The stadium will also include a micro-brewery which will be the first ever in a stadium.

There will also be something called “The Tottenham Experience” which is a new visitors center. This will be a three story walkway along the High Road which will act as a gateway to the new stadium. This area will consist of old and new architecture and “bringing back into use the Grade II listed Warmington House and the frontage of the Tottenham & Edmonton Dispensary.” This area will also include a museum of the club’s history that will also be partly interactive, motion-sensor booths that allow fans to test their skills against past and present players, and other areas enhancing the fans experience at the new stadium.

A great part of the stadium for Tottenham fans is that it will be another time that the Spurs are better than their North London rival Arsenal. Their new stadium will be bigger than Emirates stadium as Emirates only holds 60,432. The small amount may not seem like much, but the 568 extra screaming fans in a stadium will make a huge difference for crowd noise. Any Spurs fan would want to prove their superiority over Arsenal, and clinching the first time in 22 years that Tottenham will finish above Arsenal.

With Tottenham’s new stadium they will also be able to hold National Football League (NFL) games. American football has been played in London since 2007. In 2015, Tottenham signed a deal with the NFL for ten years to play in their new stadium. There will be a minimum of two games every year held at Tottenham’s new stadium. “We have an opportunity now to deliver one of the most unique sporting and entertainment venues in the world, bringing together the EPL and NFL for the first time,” said Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur. The NFL will bring exposure to the new stadium to a new group of fans.


The stadium consists of a retractable pitch that allows the NFL games to be played on the synthetic type of field that is required by the league, and allowing a perfect soccer pitch for the Spurs to play. The NFL and Tottenham have discussed the idea of having an NFL game and a Premier League game as a double header. Being able to watch two of the largest leagues in the world play at the same place would be an event that would draw so many fans from around the world to come witness it.

The new stadium will attract more high valued players from around the world. The atmosphere that is already associated with White Hart Lane is expected to carry over with much more spectators. That will allow for a clear home advantage that Tottenham will like to exploit. The players will not want to leave this atmosphere. Tottenham is already competing for the Premier League title this season, and being able to not only keep their current stars but attract more world class players is a great way to keep filling the seats of a brand new stadium.

The estimated cost of the stadium is around £800 million. This is much higher than how much the club though it would cost originally. The original estimates had the stadium costing around £400 million. Tottenham have already spent £100 million in construction costs. “The remaining £650m will be covered through a number of sources including debt, stadium naming rights and advance hospitality ticket sales.” The increased capacity for seating and revenue will also help in paying off the debt that is accrued with the stadium costs. The NFL have paid £10 million towards the stadium and will also pay an additional fee to the club when they use the stadium.

The cost of the stadium has risen recently from an estimated £750 million to £800 million. Tottenham club director Donna Cullen said “Brexit has added a straight 20 per cent on costs for foreign goods due to the exchange rate.” The original estimates of £400 million were taken quite some time ago, therefore the additions of the new costs added on and the retractable pitch caused the costs to rise. While it will cost more the new ideas will have a greater impact on the revenue for the club moving forward.

As of right now the stadium does not have a name for it. It is officially labeled the Northumberland Development Project. However, the fans have just stuck to calling it the New White Hart Lane. The money from naming rights of this stadium will be put towards the cost of the stadium. Securing this deal is important to the club due to the fact that it will take a good chunk of the how much is owed for the construction.

To watch the stadium being built through a live feed head over to Tottenham’s website. The club has set camera’s up to watch the outside be built from High Road, the Northeast Corner from inside, the North Stand from inside, the Tottenham Experience from White Hart Lane’s West Stand, and the New Stadium Bowl from the North East Corner. A person can explore all of the different new areas that will be introduced into the new stadium. A person can fill out a form that they are interested in purchasing tickets for the new premium suites, premium lounges, or premium seats.


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