Manchester City Weekly Release – Cody Rinkus

Manchester City Weekly Release – Cody Rinkus

Game Summaries

During this past week Manchester City hit the pitch twice, the first of which was the Manchester Derby against rival Manchester United. The first three-quarters of the match were rather uneventful but things would heat up quickly as the match approached full time. Tempers began to flair as United’s Marouane Fellani would receive a red card for head-butting City’s Sergio Aguero. Fellani was just booked for a foul on Aguero when he would take him down once again. Aguero pleaded for a call but none would come until Fellani head-butted Aguero. That reaction alone was enough for the referee to issue the red card.

Throughout the match, City had the best chances of putting home a deciding goal. Their first quality opportunity came early when Aguero fired a shot that hit off of the post. Later on in stoppage time, Gabriel Jesus thought he had just put home the deciding goal but it would be called back due to an offside.

The first half as a whole appeared to be a frustrating one for each side as they came up short on numerous opportunities to take the lead.

The second match of the week was played against Middlesbrough F.C. City started off hot getting a quick bid for goal that would be denied by a wide shot. City would continue to dominate the early game while Middlesbrough fought their way back into the match.

As time passed the clubs began to play a relatively evenly matched game through the first half. They would continue to take opportunities back and forth for some time. Goals from Alvero Negredo and Sergio Aguero had the match even at 1-1 entering the late phases. As the match wore on City was able to really put their dominance on display. In fact, their dominance would force Middlesbrough to take on four yellow cards, and one in particular which would lead to Aguero’s tying goal.

In the 77th minute Calum Chambers gave Middlesbrough F.C. a late lead that could have pulled the struggling club from the dangers of relegation. Then in the 85th minute Gabriel Jesus made his return to the starting lineup a memorable one as he was able to head in a cross from Aguero. The goal would serve as the second time in the match that City had to erase a one goal deficit.

Player News

Gabriel Jesus made his return to the starting lineup in City’s draw against Middlesbrough. He was able to tally the late marker which tied the game. He also played as a substitute in the Manchester Derby against United. He came close to tallying the lone goal in that match, but it was taken back for an offside call. The forward has missed the past 10 weeks of action as he has been nursing a foot injury.

Team News

City boss Pep Guardiola was voted the world’s best coach this week. The vote was run by a panel of 33 journalists. The club has dominated play this season and has a significant chance to become the first team to average more than 60% possession throughout 38 games. Despite the underachievement this year, there is still plenty of faith in Pep.


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