Dortmund Weekly Release Jeff Buckley

It’s an understatement to say that BVB had an eventful April.   Since April 17, Dortmund has had 2 wins 1 loss and a tie.  That 0-0 tie came Saturday in an exciting game against FC Koln.  While I describe it as exciting, many would consider it heartbreaking.  Dortmund has many shots on goal and plenty of very close opportunities to score but just couldn’t come through on any of those opportunities. 

This was the first time in 21 league matches that Dortmund was unable to score in a game.  Dortmund did get a couple of balls into the net, though these were scored while Dortmund was offside and thus did not count.  Dortmund’s defense did a pretty good job.  Koln was significantly limited in getting the ball close the Dortmund’s net.  Dortmund was full of opportunities and had many shots on net (some of them very close) but could not close the deal.

This has been the frustration of Dortmund all season, close but no cigar.  Marcel Schmelzer probably had the best game for Dortmund.  He stopped Koln’s attacks time and time again and went to his left side to push attacks.  Dortmund’s Erik Durm probably had the worst game for Dortmund.  He was able to complete only 66.7 percent of his passes.

Perhaps Dortmund was still hung over after their big win against Bayern Munich 3-2.  Whatever the case for their bad play on Saturday, Dortmund must win against Hoffenheim this coming Saturday, if they wish to stay in second place.  Most would agree that head coach Thomas Tuchel has been coaching as well as he could with an exhausted club. 

With the shock and trauma of Dortmund’s bus bombing still less than a month away, and with Marc Bartra (who was wounded in the bombing) still not able to begin playing for another month, this is the time to watch them.  This is the time when we will really see what type of grit the players on this storied club have.  To push on in a strong manner is what not just all of Dortmund’s fans are hoping for, but it is what the league is hoping for as well.  Many of the teams and their fans in Europe realize that they are really one big family and as such, must stick together through thick and thin.

A strong Dortmund is what would be nice, but the question as to why they haven’t been playing well as of late, can’t necessarily be chalked up to the bombing.  They have not been very consistent all season and they really should have won on Saturday (with all the opportunity they had).  It’s tough to find a solution to these problems, but perhaps they just need to focus a little more on the basics.  There is good news though, they have been playing well enough to reach the 2017/2018 Champions League Cup.  Though the draw with Koln was not a very interesting game, it was good enough to ensure that they would not be finishing less than 4th in the league and would thus be able to qualify.


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