April 18th- April 25th Weekly Release Manchester City

April 18th- April 25th Weekly Release Manchester City

Game Summary

Although this season has been considered by many a disappointment, City still had hopes of bringing home a trophy.  This all came to an end with their 2-1 loss in extra time versus Arsenal on April 23rd, in the FA Cup semi-final round.  Halfway through the second period things were going smoothly as the Blues had a one goal lead off the leg of Sergio Aguero, which marked his 30th goal of the season. Despite trailing Arsenal came out strong after the intermission and was able bring the match back to deadlock at 1-1.  In the 101st minute Arsenal Star Alexis Sanchez knocked home the winning goal from close range to lead Arsenal to a 2-1 victory.  With the outcome of this match much is left to speculation due to Manchester City’s first half goal being waved off.  This match is another prime example of how the use of video replay for borderline calls could be very beneficial to the English Premier League.

Injury Update

For the past 9 weeks City has been playing without the help of their 20 year old striker Gabriel Jesus.  On February 13th, in a match against Bournemouth he suffered a fractured metatarsal and has not seen the field since.  Before the injury Jesus had shown his ability to score goals and undoubtedly has been missed on the field. April 24th was his first day back on the training field to begin practicing again. Patience is key now  as rushing the healing process on a foot injury such as this can have negative effects.  Fernandinho when asked about the return of Gabriel said “But we know that whenever he is ready, he will come back well and give everything, as always and he will be very important for us.”  As of now no timetable has been given for when to expect to see Gabriel return to the field during a game.

Related News

Although City’s hopes to bring home a trophy this season have become non existent, they still need to refocus and finish out the season strong.  The second Manchester Derby of the season is fast approaching as City prepares to take on United.  In September the Blues were able to come out on top 2-0 on goals from De Bruyne and Iheanacho.  This match is important for City to win to help secure their spot in the Champions League next season.

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