Weighing the Options for Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal 2 Feature)- Nick White

Weighing the Options for Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal 2 Feature)- Nick White

Weighing the Options for Alexis Sanchez

The Gunners star player Alexis Sanchez hits free agency in 2018. Sanchez has just 15 months remaining on his current contract with Arsenal. Considered to be a high value target in the market all eyes are on Sanchez to see where he ends up. Obviously, Arsenal would love to resign their star, although Sanchez is demanding a significant pay raise to stay at the Emirates. Therefore, Arsenal will have to be willing to set aside big bucks in order to keep their best player, especially with the attention he is getting from other clubs. Rumors have been floating around the surface that Sanchez has been involved in talks of moving to Chelsea this summer if Arsenal cannot make a deal adequate for him.

Despite Sanchez’s interest in Chelsea, Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger appears confident they will resign their superstar. Wenger claims he wants to stay with the club and they are just stuck in the negotiation phase. For Sanchez, there are certainly things to consider before making any major decisions. Perhaps most important when deciding where to sign out of free agency, is to determine whether he is happy with his current club or he would rather sign elsewhere. Once Sanchez decides that he is happy enough with Arsenal to resign he will need to come to terms with the club on a contract extension.

Although a contract extension to big star could ultimately hurt Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is awfully worried that a new big money contract for Sanchez could sabotage the Arsenal locker-room and could even put the club in trouble down the road. Wenger is also aware that Arsenal would need to destroy their current wage structure in order to keep Sanchez with the club for the long run. Another major issue that Arsenal is facing is Mesut Ozil, another great player heading towards the end of his contract. Ozil is now demanding similar money to that of Sanchez, and Wenger is forced to consider what two big money signings would do to the moral of the rest of the players on the club. Wenger is mainly concerned that dropping a massive contract on one star player could very well destabilize the team. The rumored deal for Sanchez is said to be as high as Three hundred thousand per week making him the highest paid player in the Premier League. The question Arsenal needs to ask themselves is if it is even worth it to spend that much money on one player.

The Chile forward has become frustrated with the lack of progress at Arsenal and he is expected by fans and the media to leave the club this upcoming summer, even though 12 months would remain on his contract. Despite the heavy attention on Sanchez he has put talks over new terms on a fresh deal on hold until the end of the season. Sanchez has a handful of high-profile clubs on his radar, including Chelsea, Paris Saint- Germain, Juventus and Internazionale, and he is seeking virtually to double his current salary. In late March Sanchez addressed the media about his future or lack thereof with Arsenal. Sanchez claimed that he was happy in London and that he wanted to finish out his contract with Arsenal. Although the Chile star fired a warning to the Gunners stating that he wants to play with a club that has a winning mentality.

The Gunners will need to act on their feet to resign their superstar forward before he hits the market. It appears clear that Arsenal needs all they can get to turn the club back in the right direction. For Sanchez it is a decision of comfort and future. He will need to fully decide whether he wants to remain in London or head elsewhere. No matter what happens this will be and exciting free agency battle.

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