Dortmund had some downtime today, after a 3-1 win against Frankfurt on the 15th. This comes during a very trying time for Dortmund. Just last week, an explosion hit Dortmund’s bus, injuring Marc Bartra.  According to CNN, Bartra suffered minor injuries to his arm and hand.  The explosion also set off a bevy of controversy after Dortmund coach, Thomas Tuchel, protested the leagues decision to continue playing even after the attack.  The beloved former coach of Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp, offered his support to his former club saying that he was “proud” of his former club.  He also mentioned that he was “concerned” and “scared” for the players.  In a touching moment, Dortmund players, before the April 15 game against Frankfurt, carried onto the field the number 5 jersey of Bartra (who could not play from his wounded arm).

The month of April has not been an extraordinary month so far for Dortmund.  They won on April 4, lost on April 8, lost on April 12, and won on April 15.  Just before the explosion, news was looking up for Dortmund.  Julian Weigl was back from the DL, as were many other players.  If there was any controversy for the club this year, it was an attack against Leipzig fans in February.  This was as attack that was condemned by league officials and embarrassed the fans.  That all now seems like a distant memory.

This is so far a team that has both good and bad things happening for them.  The key players have come back from injuries, but they are now without Bartra.  They may also lose their best player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to a richer club (like Barcelona or Real Madrid).  But maybe things will turn for the best for the club.  After all, fate appears to be on their side.  No one was killed in the bus explosion and this trying time may just make all the players stronger.






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