Philip Giovinazzo

Sport and Media Relations

Professor Brown

April 8th, 2017

Arsenal Weekly Release (April 1-8)

This big first week in April for the Gunners was a timely one for the struggling club, in which we saw them notch two impressive Premier league results. The first came in a stabilizing 2-2 draw against perennial contender Manchester City on the 2nd, and was followed up on April 5th with a dominate home win over West Ham United with a score of 3-0. Their first match against Manchester City was very much a story of punch, counter punch, in which Arsenal was able to respond to every offensive that City threw at them. Each Manchester City goal was followed up by one from the Gunners, and both teams managed to hold the 2-2 score until the full-time whistle blew. This draw came following a stretch of three losses in their last four games, as they were bounced from the champions league in embarrassing fashion. Their next outing against West Ham built upon the base they created against against City, as they exploded with a 3-0 result. Their stars shinned bright, as their highest paid and most notable players found the back of the net. Ozil, Walcott, and Giroud all came through for their team, with three second half goals distancing themselves from any threat of an upset. These two positive results set them up nicely for the coming week in which they have two matches against bottom of the table teams, in Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace. While in recent weeks the dialogue surrounding the team was mainly negative, focusing on discord within the locker-room and on impending contract issues, but this week the tone shifted. Winning can certainly heal many ailments, and that was certainly the case here. The dialogue between manager Arsene Wenger and the media took an upward and much more positive turn, focusing on contributions on the field and trying to unite the locker-room.


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